About Stats4Golf Pro

Welcome to Stats4GolfPro, the first of its kind, most comprehensive online system that assists you the Golf Professional in the management of your coaching sessions and business activities. This unique system provides added value for your customers, whilst also saving you time and more importantly adding to your bottom line.

The system works as a knowledge base of all your clients. The ability to hold every bit of information about a students golfing career from lesson times, right through to specific equipment used means the Golf Pro is able to tailor their Golf Service towards the individual.

See below for the main areas of functionality. Click on an image to view a larger version.

Coaching - Lesson Plans and notes

Video Library

Link videos to lesson notes

With Stats4Golf Pro you can schedule in lessons and coaching sessions with students sharing that lesson information with them online:-

  • Lesson Plan
  • Your notes written after the lesson
  • Link to videos on YouTube directly from Stats4Golf Pro (either on your own account ie videos you may have taken of the students swing or any other golfing video on YouTube.
  • Link to photos you may have taken and then analysed using a golf swing analysis system


By linking your students details with a Stats4Golf.com account they can view all this information as and when they like from wherever they are.



Contacts List

Contacts list

Stats4Golf Pro allows you to enter details of all your Club or Academy members allowing you to keep track of lessons, equipment used and for the system to send automatic alerts.

  • Keep all contact details of your Club/Academy members
  • Keep track of the equipment they use. Useful for sending targetted Newsletters about specific manufacturer promotions.
  • Link to or create a Stats4Golf.com account to allow you to view all their playing statistics.
  • Set up automatic email alerts when grips need changing.







Calendar Month View

Calendar Month View

Use the online Calendar to shedule in all your lessons and appointments and Club Competitions etc.

To reduce any no-shows for lessons Stats4Golf Pro will also send out automatic reminders to your students.

The Calendar is viewable by Year in Month or Day formats.





A Newsletter Template

HTML email template

With Stats4Golf Pro you can create and send text or format rich HTML based emails to all of your contacts. Perfect for keeping people up to date with special offers, new products or Club information. You can choose from sending basic text newsletters or content rich that includes images for that extra impact and professional look.

  • send text or HTML based emails.
  • includes versioning - allows you to tweak Newsletters to track their performance.
  • send to one or many contacts at once.
  • Link to photos you may have taken and then analysed using a golf swing analysis system.






Customer Email Notifications

Customer Email Alerts

Grip Alert Set Up

Stats4Golf Pro can remind your customers when their club grips or spikes are likely to need changing. An email can be automatically sent to each customer helping bring more people into the Pro Shop.

For those Pro's that keep Pro Shop Account balances for members you can insert their current balance automatically into Newsletters to remind them to come into the shop and spend it!




Playing Statistics

Analyse Playing Statistics

Statistcal Analysis

Linking with our sister site www.stats4golf.com you can view your students playing statistics directly from Stats4Golf Pro!. Stats you can see are:-

  • Performance by hole
  • Greens in regulation
  • Putts per green in regulation
  • Driving accuracy
  • average stats by par of hole
  • Sand save percentages
  • Averages over time per course/tee
  • Plus many more...




Sign Up for a free 1 month trial and see how Stats4Golf Pro can assist your coaching and help increase your Pro Shop profits!

Only £29.99 per month thereafter. (This equates to one set of re-grips or a video lesson per month).


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